There are not perfect men… or perfect women

February 11 2014

Perfect men do not exist, nor are there perfect women. Knights defeating dragons without messing up the hairstyle, and riding on white steeds without breaking a sweat live in the wonderful and equally unreal land of fantasies and the sooner we get rid of it happier we will be with reality of our partners and ourselves. If you really think about it, who wants a character who always mutters the perfect word at the right tone under a perfect starry sky? The wonder of the human kind is our complexity and our shortcomings. The search for love should not be one of perfection, but of balance.

Men who surprise you with a gift every morning do not exist, but the one who loves you will give you a garden flower that will draw a genuine smile on your face for days and in your memory for much longer.

The man who never argues doesn’t exist, but the one who loves you express his disagreement because he knows that there is enough complexity and respect between the two of you so that you can sometimes look at the universe from distant points without starting the fourth world war.

Men who read minds do not exist, but your love will respect your silences, learn to interpret your looks and give you the space to tell you what you want and need without feeling like he failed you.

Men who always tell the truth do not exist, but he who loves himself and then loves you realizes there is no need to pretend to be someone else to earn a special place in your heart.

Men without weaknesses do not exist, but he who is confident and knows what you two have built can be vulnerable because he knows you will not judge him. He will know you can both indulge in the beauty if fully trusting someone else.

Men who do not look at other women do not exist, but the one that loves you assess what you have above the fleeting moment a fling can mean.

Men who don’t get angry do not exist, but there are those that can handle problems without harming you or making you feel guilty, because love is often complex but it never harmful.

Men who are perfect lovers do not exist, but the one who loves you will be willing to learn to know your body, to explore it, to pleasure you and allow you to do the same for him.

Men who always hear you do not exist, but the one who truly loves you will listen to what is important and will take into account your wishes and opinions even if sometimes his response is silence.

Men who do everything for you don’t exist, but the one who appreciates will understand you ‘re not only able to do things for yourself, but it is healthy to allow you to do them and will help you when you really need it.

Men are not one hundred percent mature, a part of loving part will be having fun like a couple of 5 year-olds from time to time, but also understand and be prepared for the work and perseverance that requires a valuable love.

Men who give you everything do not exist; instead healthy love will know you each need to keep something for yourselves in order to be happy.

The man who thinks of you every second of the day does not exist, that is not so much love, but rather obsession, so the man who truly loves you thinks of you from time to time with a certain warmth in his chest and an infinite desire that were with him at that moment.

The ideal man does not exist, but believe there is a wonderfully flaw man who would act to make sure you are a bit happier, every change he gets.

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