You Were Born Beautifully You

March 08 2016

To my mom.


You were born a warrior,

Beyond the colors assigned by a blind society.

Warrior to open up your own paths and claim your place in the world you have created.


You were born strong,

Beyond the fear hidden in the judgmental eyes of a machista environment.

Strong to plant fruits and harvest them and turn your skin into a shield.


You were born loving,

Although your heart has been beaten a thousand times, until you believe no longer.

Loving as universal gift to what surrounds you, to yourself.


You were born capable

Even when society standards deny it, as they don’t understand sensitivity.

Able to face your demons to dance in your achievements and decide not to decide anything, because that’s also a choice.


You were born beautiful

Even if your line does not fit the ever-changing, capricious definition.

Beautiful to get lost in the smile of your own soul that knows no banalities.


You were born complete,

Even if the stereotypes of magazines in decline attempt to tear you apart.

Complete as the perfect piece that makes the world go round.


You were born you,

Without requiring permission to write your own story with as many twists and ends as you want to give it.


Happy Women’s Day to all, all of you.